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20 Awesome Meals and Deals to Hit During dineLA Restaurant Week

Matū is a Māori word that means “essence, the gist of the matter, and richness,” and this new Beverly Hills fine dining spot is centered around celebrating the matū of Wagyu beef with an omakase-inspired menu that pays homage to Wagyus Japanese lineage and showcases a variety of cuts and preparations. So put on your fanciest threads and stop by during Restaurant Week to try one of their signature Wagyu dinners with a five-course set menu that requires a minimum of two guests.
The deal: $90 for a five-course dinner.
What to order: The set menu includes 24-hour beef broth simmered with Wagyu bones, hand cut steak tartare, steak cooked on the plancha and served with salad, steak cooked over an open wood fire and served with roasted vegetables, and a glass of reserve cabernet.

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