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Los Angeles

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20 Awesome Meals and Deals to Hit During dineLA Restaurant Week

Sweater weather has arrived in Los Angeles and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by slurping down some from-scratch noodles that are made in-house daily. MDK is offering identical lunch and dinner menus, with your choice of one appetizer and one main course, including hot options like knife-cut noodles in chicken broth and rice cake soup, and cold noodle dishes like spicy cold kimchi noodle soup and cold soybean noodle soup. The hardest part will be choosing between pork dumplings or pan-fried dumplings as your appetizer—better to go with a friend so you can avoid difficult decisions and order both.
The deal: One main and one appetizer for $25.
What to order: Pan-fried dumplings and rice cake and dumpling soup.

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