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Not all of our barbecue joints are intricate fusions of local flavors, we also have plenty of purists. The Memphis Grill in North Hollywood specializes in ribs smoked in the Southwest Tennessee tradition, served either dry-rubbed or wet-mopped. In either iteration the ribs are tender and smoky, porkiness punched up by the spice and sauce instead of overwhelmed by it, a reason to visit the Valley and a meal worth the spice and sauce stains that will end up on your shirt.
How to enjoy: walk up, or call at 818-738-9993.

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As a city full of transplants, LA catches a lot of flack for its supposed “lack” of a “real” barbecue scene, but in actuality, while we may not be famed for LA-style BBQ (it’s only a matter of time, trust us!), we are privy to just about every style of smoked meat you can imagine, spanning Texas to Kansas City to St. Louis and yes, Memphis too. Enter The Memphis Grill, a takeout spot (with plans to introduce in-person dining soon) that opened mid-pandemic and serves up Memphis-style ‘cue by the pound, including brisket, pulled pork, tri-tip, baby back ribs, and hot links. It’s one of the few LA spots that specializes in southwest Tennessee barbecue, which favors pork ribs and pulled pork, and marinates meats in a dry rub that can feature up to 40 spices.
How to order: Walk up, call 818-738-9993, or send a DM via Instagram.

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