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Apr 26

Dallas-Fort Worth’s Best Mexican Restaurants for Cinco de Mayo and Beyond

Impeccable service makes every meal at Mesero a delight, so unless you’re ordering takeout or delivery, take the time to bask in their signature hospitality (and tip accordingly, of course). Regardless of how you get your food, however, the folks at Mesero know how to combine ingredients in the most pleasing way possible, whether it’s some of the best queso in the city (try the version with spinach, artichokes, and poblano peppers for a vegetarian change of pace) or entree-sized combination plates like chicken enchiladas covered in a tart and spicy tomatillo sauce alongside a brisket taco, cabbage slaw, white rice, and your choice of three different types of beans.
How to reserve/order: Reservations, take-out,and delivery options vary by location. Check Mesero’s website for more info.

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