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Dec 30, 2021

Where to Grab a Drink in San Diego Right Now

It takes a lot for a local to head to Gaslamp for a night out, but Metl’s entry to the tourist-heavy district is a welcome exception. Touted as an upscale dive bar that highlights mezcal and tequila, Metl aims to seduce industry folk with comfort food (poutine, burgers featuring Hot Cheetos, and pulled pork sliders), and plenty of booze—including its luscious spirited ice creams in 38 rotating flavors, available in scoops, cones, and pints, plus ice cream sandwiches and cocktail lickers (push pops). Boozy scoops are 21+, but there are non-alcoholic options as well. Check out their family-friendly North Park Creamery and Cafe for Southern-style brunch and dinner.
How to order: Reservations for the Gaslamp Quarter venue can be made via TableAgent. Make reservations for the North Park Creamery and Cafe via TableAgent.

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