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If you’ve dined at Kindred you’re one of many milk bread fanatics who’ve been lucky enough to devour the delicious pull-apart, pre-dinner bread at the start of a meal—or experience the house burger and its milk bread bun. During the pandemic, Joe and Katy Kindred, along with their team, pivoted into selling milk bread donuts, chicken sandwiches, and natural wines, offering the community a slice of comfort by way of food. Fast forward to 2022, the team is up and running with Milkbread, an all-day joint with nostalgic bites. Go for the hyped (for good reason) milk bread donuts and mini cinnies (cinnamon buns) but stay for everything else. The original crispy chicken sandwich blows Chick-fil-A’s out of the water (sorry, not sorry!) while the roasted mushroom toast with tahini and berbere spice is about as umami as it gets. The salads and bowls are chock full of fresh and filling ingredients and it's wise to always order a side of crispy cauliflower doused—which is completely vegan until you douse it in Eastern North Carolina hot dip.
How to book: First come, first served; drool over the latest eats on Instagram.

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