Mogu Mogu Mazemen And Ramen

Los Angeles
Ramen Restaurant
Mon11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
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Los Angeles
Dec 14, 2021

The 26 Most Comforting Ramen Joints in LA to Try This Winter

The ramen at Mogu Mogu is brothless mazemen, but the flavor definitely isn't missing. Curry and cheese versions are enticingly novel, but the “deluxe” bowl is clearly the smart initial play; thick, crimped noodles meld beautifully with thick-sliced pork chashu, spicy minced pork, a poached egg and a soft-boiled egg, chives, minced garlic, fish powder, Japanese leeks, and two types of seaweed. Stir to fully meld the different flavors, and pour on kombu and chile pepper-infused “umami vinegar” when you're halfway done to reinvigorate the cooling mazemen.

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