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It’s not always easy snagging a reservation at this Atwater Village spot—even more so after it was awarded a coveted Michelin star last year. A legend of LA’s sushi scene, chef Morihiro Onodera’s restaurant offers either an omakase, ranging from $250 to $400 with optional sake pairings, or a four-course prix fixe menu ranging from $45 to $100. Every element screams fine dining—albeit in a subtly sophisticated way: the perfectly textured house-made tofu; the sushi rice, milled by the chef and used within three days to maintain ultimate freshness; and the diverse assortment of fish, often served without added sauce, so as to let the clean, crisp flavors of the seafood speak for itself. Not to mention the ceramic dishware, most of which was crafted by the chef himself. As if things couldn’t get any better, dessert is far from an afterthought—often incorporating the sweetest seasonal fruit to cap off a truly extraordinary meal.
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