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The concept began in Hong Kong and the name honors a historic address in New York's Chinatown, but with a mix of style and substance, Mott 32 feels right at home in Las Vegas. The dining room, tucked away in the back of the Palazzo casino, is a bold, modern space with secluded corners and large, comfortable booths for added intimacy. The Peking Duck, wood-roasted in a custom brick and clay oven, is the specialty, but it's hard to overlook other elevated takes on Cantonese cuisine—most notably, the use of Iberico pork and black shaved truffles in some of the best dim sum in Las Vegas. Clay pots, soups, A5 Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu, and fresh seafood also have a strong presence on the menu. There's an emphasis on Cantonese dishes, but other regions are well represented. The Ma Po Tofu, for example, is a spicy, pungent Szechuan dish with a lobster peeking out of the bowl. While the dining room is nice and intimate, don't hesitate to grab a table in the restaurant's large bar and lounge area, which may be preferable if you're still in the "let's see how things are going" phase of a relationship.
How to order: Online reservations are available, but call 702-607-3232 to order Peking Duck in advance.

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Mott 32, initially conceptualized in Hong Kong, takes its name from the address that kickstarted the original Chinatown in New York. Located in the Palazzo tower, the restaurant serves an elevated take on Chinese cuisine, focusing on Cantonese-style dishes in a stylish environment with hidden spaces and a series of semi-secluded dining rooms. The kitchen operates in view of customers with a busy wok station and a custom clay-brick oven for Peking Duck. Buried inside the menu is an exceptional lineup of inventive dim sum with Iberico pork making its way into sugar-coated bao buns, soup dumplings (also available with a vegan substitute), and Siu Mai with black truffles and quail egg. Fried spring rolls come stuffed with mushrooms and roast duck. You'll pay more, but the rich combination of flavors, exceptional customer service, and killer cocktails are worth every penny.
How to book: Make a reservation online. The bar has a large lounge area near the front entrance that's perfect for casual walk-ins.

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