City Hall Subway Station
City Hall Subway Station | Felix Lipov/Shutterstock
City Hall Subway Station | Felix Lipov/Shutterstock

MTA Subway - Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall/Chambers St (4/5/6/J/Z)

New York
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When NYC’s subway system first opened in 1904, the City Hall stop was widely considered as the crème de la crème of stations. Designed with tiled arches and ornate skylights by engineer Rafael Guastavino, it was one of 28 existing stops that ran from City Hall to 145th Street. By 1945, updated subway cars could no longer fit on the rails, so it was ultimately shut down and a newer City Hall station for the R and W lines currently exists. Luckily for us, the former station is not completely lost. Ride through it in an original train car with a ticket from the New York Transit Museum to experience all of its vacated glory.

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