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Nov 5, 2021

Where to Eat in Miami Right Now

The gist: Though it’s good to be skeptical of any Miami restaurant serving up expensive sushi with a heavy side of scene, Novikov is the odd eatery where the food lives up to the hype and high price point. 
The food: It’s Chinese-Japanese fusion, which sounds like a recipe for disaster if you grew up eating in strip malls, but works masterfully here. Novikov’s best known for its dim sum, with duck-and-foie-gras-filled dumplings complimenting creations like the spicy prawn moneybag. The makis, sashimis, and bao buns hold their own against any in Miami, and if you want a big plate, delving into the cilantro pesto branzino or sweet and sour mango chicken won’t lead you astray.
The cost: Sashimis and makis $20 - $30, bao buns and sides $15 - $20, mains $31 - $115, cocktails $15 - $18

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