Oche Miami Beach
Oche Miami Beach | Photo by Jarran Flokkmann Foto
Oche Miami Beach | Photo by Jarran Flokkmann Foto


Miami Beach
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Nov 5

Where to Eat in Miami Right Now

The gist: Darts become a social experience at this fun Norwegian import, where the pizza is much more than a way to pass time between tosses.
The food: Oche—pronounced like “hockey” with no H—is basically a bowling alley for the dart-throwing set, where groups of friends can rent a board with private booths and compete over cocktails and carbohydrates. But unlike the chicken fingers and cardboard pizzas of Bowl-a-Ramas past, the food at Oche is outstanding, highlighted by some of the best pizza in Miami.The rest of the menu doesn’t slouch off, offering gourmet takes on bar staples like the Sticky Beef Tacos with blue corn tortillas and Bacon-wrapped Maduros.
Cost: Starters and shareables $7 - $16, pizzas $15 - $24

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Oct 5

The Absolute Best Pizza in Miami

Given they’ve both been BFFs with beer for years, it’s surprising it took this long for pizza and darts to link up. Leave it to the Norwegians to make that happen, bringing this Topgolf of darts to SoFi and some outstanding pizza along with it. The coarse, flat crust is topped with a rich tomato sauce and just enough cheese to give it some heft. Add in some fresh basil and olive oil and Oche’s pizzas border on upscale, certainly the best bar pizzas you’ll find in South Beach.

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