Olympia Theater at Gusman Center


The Olympia Theater opened in 1926 as downtown Miami's grandest silent movie palace and Vaudeville house. Today, the Olympia is home to live performances, films, community events, corporate meetings and social affairs.

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The Olympia Theater’s immersive Van Gogh experience brings guests through 300-plus floor-to-ceiling projections of the artist’s sketches, paintings, and simple drawings, providing a unique, larger-than-life retrospective of his work. It also boasts a virtual reality gallery called “A Day in the Life of the Artist,” where you’ll see through Van Gogh’s eyes the spaces that inspired works like Vincent’s Bedroom at Arles and Starry Night. Budget about an hour-and-a-half or so to get through it all, especially if you’re planning to take pictures. Masks are required for all guests, with controlled capacity and traffic flow to encourage proper distancing.
Cost: $35 for adults; $20 for children.

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