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If the unique, joy-filled name of this Asian-American dessert mecca seems familar to you, it might be because it was recently featured on the Austin season of Queer Eye. And, while we automatically trust anyplace recommended by JVN and the gang, it’s especially true when a place makes baked goods as downright tasty as OMG Squee’s. While their takes on macarons and soft serve are on a level all their own, it’s their signature mochi donuts that really gets the emoji hearts spinning. Standard doughnut dough is replaced with the Japanese rice cakes then fried to perfection for a chewy, gooey texture that all but melts in your mouth when it’s fresh from the oven. And it’s not just the mouthfeel—the flavors here are layered and eccentric. Standards include violet-hued Ube Oreo and classic S’Mores, while weekly specials feature an ever-updating roster including Vietnamese Coffee and Snickerdoodle. Just be sure to get here early, as even an in with Antoni won’t guarantee you’ll secure the dough before they sell out completely.
How to order: Stop by for counter service or order takeout online.

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