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The gist: This takeout kitchen offers tasty fried chicken sandwiches alongside vegan-friendly dishes.
The food: Expect a made-from-scratch meal served up in minutes from this takeout spot in Anacostia that is a family affair run by Abigail Opare and her three sons. Crab bites are a nice nod to the region, and you can start off with a few side orders, several of which are vegan friendly, including plantains, sauteed kale with lemon vinegar, and coconut rice. The main attractions are heartier dishes, like fried chicken sandwiches, shrimp and grits, mac n’ cheese, and vegan options like peanut soup and spinach stew.

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For West African dishes with a soul food tilt, visit Open Crumb. The restaurant, which started as a bakery, is owned and operated by chef Peter Opare and his family. Opare prides himself on making most of his ingredients in house, from the homemade bread that completes his sandwiches to the hand-ground spices that bring flavor to his West African-inspired dishes. The menu includes dishes like like shrimp and grits, fried chicken sandwiches, and jollof rice, plus a slate of soups and stews.

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