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May 10

Everywhere You Need to Eat in Denver Right Now

The gist: A Texas-style BBQ hit from Karl Fallenius who spent time working under Aaron Franklin at Austin’s famed Franklin’s before bringing his smoking skills to the Mile High.
The food: Fallenius made Owlbear synonymous with stellar brisket via his original outpost behind Finn’s Manor, and after a long (but well worth it) wait finally opened a brick & mortar location. The brisket remains the best in town, and he continues to expand the selections with specials like a super craveable burger, house-made sausages, and gumbo.
The cost: Meats are available by the pound starting at $6 for a quarter pound. Sandwiches are $7 - $9 and sides come in a range of sizes starting at $4 - $6 for a small.

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