Peaches Patties

San Francisco
Caribbean Restaurant

Our specialty is Jamaican Patties. We pride ourselves on making all of our patties from scratch with fresh ingredients.

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After an impressive nine-year run as a catering company serving mouth-water Jamaican dishes, Peaches Patties has found a brick-and-mortar home inside the Ferry Building. It’s a welcome addition to the food hall, especially since SF has such a dearth of Jamaican restaurants. The restaurant is named after chef Shani Jones’s mother (her nickname is Peaches) and her delicious homemade Jamaican beef patties, which, no surprise, are also the star of the show. Flaky golden brown pastries filled with flavor in the form of spiced meat (beef or chicken) or vegetables. You can buy those individually, which is perfect if you’re doing a food tour of the Ferry Building, or alongside bigger dishes like jerk chicken and a vegan stew.
How to enjoy: Walk-ins welcome. 

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