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Not long after they opened in early February, the distinctive pinched-crust Neapolitan pizzas from pizzaiolo William Joo started popping up in the conversations and social feeds of what felt like every food media person in town. This was not thanks to a coordinated marketing blitz or a deluge of free samples or a nefarious mind control scheme; it was just because the pizzas are so damn good. They come with a special pedigree, too, modeled after the unique Tokyo-Neapolitan pies at Seirinkan, and informed by Joo’s work at Ronan and Pizzana and in other high-end kitchens. That skill and ambition shines through—the crust has a touch of mochi-esque squish, the olive oil and salt are punched up to the perfect level, and the toppings are thoughtful and high-quality. Even in a city with great pizza, this is destination-worthy stuff.
How to order: Reservations and wait list available through Yelp, pre-order for pickup through their website, and order delivery through ChowNow or Slice.

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