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The only bar in Philly where having dramatic friends pays off, Quig’s Pub is a speakeasy for actors and others in the industry above one of the country’s oldest professional theater companies, Plays and Players Theatre. Established in 1911, Plays and Players is no stranger to a big production. But don’t expect a red carpet at this cash bar. Quig’s is endearingly no-frills, exuding that Big Dive Energy that only Philly can muster. With a crowd largely made of theater artists and off-shift bartenders plus a rare $4 beer and shot special, there'll be no shortage of interesting company and conversation. Plus, the bar’s last call doesn’t roll around until 3 am, so you and your scene partner for the night can run lines ‘til late.

How to get in: The easiest route is to become an annual member of Plays and Players, granting you access to Quig’s and other perks. Too big a commitment? Pop in for a show. Afterward, you can mosey on up to the third floor and find this secluded haunt. On a non-show night, your best bet as a non-member is to ride the coattails of your favorite thespian. Regulars can bring a guest.

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