Punjabi Grocery & Deli

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For more than a quarter century, this unassuming culinary stalwart (the green awning only displays “Punjabi” in white letters as a clue to what’s inside) has kept locals satiated—24 hours a day pre-Covid—with the sort of hearty vegetarian Punjabi fare that hits the spot no matter what time of day (or night). Opened by former cab driver Kulwinder Singh to serve as a welcome eatery and haven for the city’s cab drivers, Punjabi Deli & Grocery has since become a neighborhood institution for locals from all walks of life. From savory samosas and piping hot chai to saag, chaats, and yellow dal over rice, it’s a beacon of comfort that those-in-the-know come back to on repeat. While Punjabi Deli has not yet resumed its 24-hour daily schedule, it’s still open well past the dinner hour.

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