Qing Xiang Yuan Dumpling

Asian Restaurant
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The dumpling maestros behind this Chinatown original has been introducing Chicagoans to the belly-warming magic of soup dumplings since October, 2014. The expansive menu covers all the hits, from inventive standards like pork and cabbage and lamb and coriander to lesser-known additions like beef and celery, crab roe, and sea urchin, leek, and egg, offered both in frozen and freshly steamed form. In recent years, fast-casual outpost JIAO has joined the family, bagging up the same tasty morsels to-go from its downtown location.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating

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Forgo the Christmas Ham and all those silly trimmings this holiday season and kick back instead with first-class dumplings courtesy of Chinatown’s most revered dumpling house. Sift through the Bible-thick menu to find your favorite flavors (two words: Lamb Coriander) then follow the online reheating instructions to bring the tiny pockets of joy to life.
Cost: Packages start at $14.99 for 18 dumplings (3 pack minimum)
How to book: Order pick-up online.

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