Queens Village Community Fridge


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How to donate: Volunteer drivers for weekdays after business hours or local volunteers for fridge cleaning/monitoring are especially needed. Learn more here and fill out volunteer form. Monetary donations via Venmo at Donate-QVFC, or email qvcommunityfridge@gmail.com.
What’s inside: Fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, eggs, butter, yogurt, bread, and cooked meats on a good week, in addition to bagged dry goods like rice, nuts, beans, cereal, and pasta. Recently, prepared school breakfast and lunches from nearby schools have also been available.
A note from its operators: “Established on December, 20, 2020 and named Bertha, our fridge was painted by Black Village Arts, a local art organization merging community art for youth in Black neighborhoods. We are committed to reducing food waste with the goal of diverting any available healthy and edible food to our fridge. Our food goes out very fast, usually lasting a few hours right after stocking. Ideally, we would love to partner with local Southeast Queens grocers, delis, and supermarkets to bring their surplus food and stock to our fridge. We strive to keep our fridge and the surrounding area clean and free of litter. We want people that access the fridge to feel respected and safe.”

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