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One of the most bustling late-night destinations in town, Rainey Street hosts a giant roster of great eats. There’s colorful mini-donut hotspot Little Lucy’s, the seafood wizards Happy Lobster Truck, and no-fuss Mexican joint Wild Taco. Four Brothers Venezuelan churns out killer arepas, Tommy Want Wingy fries up some of the best wings in town, and Burro Cheese Kitchen dishes out some next-level grilled cheese sandwiches. And the fun doesn’t stop there—there’s also Wrigleyville Dogs, turkey burger specialists Gobble Gobble, the dumpling-fueledMonk’s Momo, hearty sandwich suppliers Big Fat Greek Gyros, and so much more.

Must-try food: Big Fat Greek Gyros’ big-enough-for-two Hercules gyro ($8.21), stuffed with tender and juicy lamb, beef, or chicken, romaine hearts, tomato, onion, green peppers, oregano, and French fries is always a sure-fire bet. Tommy Want Wingy’s five-piece, Garlic Parmesan wings, or the super-spicy Ranch on Fire wings ($12.75) will also please, while Little Lucy’s Chow Chow Mini Donuts ($7), a set of 12 warm donuts served with a range of decadent dipping sauces, ably brings up the rear.

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