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San Diego
Dec 30, 2021

Where to Grab a Drink in San Diego Right Now

“Hidden” speakeasies are a bit of a tired concept, but Realm has breathed new life into the idea, starting with the door situated in plain sight at the back of Kearny Mesa’s Common Theory Public House. Behind it lies The Apothecary, a futuristic white space with gleaming jars of exotic herbs and tonics that you can explore and merchandise for purchase. Then, you’ll maneuver through the final passageway, courtesy of master “hidden entrance” designer Michael Soriano, into an opulent Art Deco masterpiece fused seamlessly with Korean and Chinese elements. A long, jade bar gives you a front row view of the mixology magic, while private booths are cast in flattering, flickering light. Remedies For Your Ailments is a rotating collection of of-the-moment cocktails that range from spirit-forward and tropical to spiced and smoky; Modern Remedies Around the World pay homage to inspiring new classics from the 2000s, and Prescriptions From the Old Days covers time-honored creations of the 1800-1900s. If all of that seems overwhelming, just let your mixologist craft you something wonderful, or choose from their impressive list of rare and unusual spirits, neat or on a big, crystal clear ice rock.

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