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We’ve already established that there are a lot of artists’ studios and art galleries in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District, but Recycled Propaganda is certainly a highlight. The socio-political artist known as Recycled Propaganda (Izaac Zevalking) has been especially prolific during the pandemic, with temporary and permanent murals popping up all over DTLV. His Savage Journey (better known as “Fear of COVID in Las Vegas”) mural is especially prominent, and if you haven’t seen the real thing on the corner of S Main and W Imperial, you’ve definitely seen the prints, T-shirts, facemasks, pins, stickers, and/or shares on social media. He’s got a sizable storefront on Main St. where you can buy his original paintings and mixed media works (which are still super affordable by original artwork standards), as well as a wide variety of prints, apparel, and other merchandise emblazoned with images of his work. He also uses his space to exhibit the works of other Las Vegas artists in quarterly exhibitions, so you can also shop for originals by other local artists, too.

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