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One of the fastest and most dependable breakfast options in Atlanta—and probably the entire country at this point—is Chick-fil-A, but the beloved chain is far from the only place in the city where you can snag a delicious early morning chicken biscuit. In fact, Redbird may be the biscuit authority in Atlanta, period. In addition to chicken-based breakfast biscuits like the Little Birdy (fried chicken, Cheddar cheese, and chili maple) and the Buffalo Birdy (buffalo chicken thigh, blue cheese dressing, and pickled celery), Redbird actually offers a pretty diverse selection of biscuits. Old Man Thunder (bacon, egg, and American cheese), Pure Guava (whipped cream cheese, guava paste, salted cashew butter), Ocean Man (smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled onion, capers, and dill) are all worth trying, so head over to Redbird on Saturday or Sunday at 11 am for a late biscuit-filled breakfast.

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Okay, so Redbird doesn’t have a proper sit-down brunch. What they have, though, is Birdy Biscuits, and that’s possibly way better, right? Every Saturday and Sunday beginning at 11 am you can order biscuits made by chef Zeb Stevenson from the pick-up window. We’re talking biscuit sandwiches like the old man thunder with bacon, egg, and American cheese and, on the more creative side, the pure guava with whipped cream cheese, guava paste, and salted cashew butter.

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