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Apr 22

Where to Drink in Portland Right Now

When used in reference to new buildings, the term “mixed-use” has a way of aggravating a certain type of Portlander like few other things can. When it comes to the rehab of the old Washington High School building, however, there’s something for everyone to live. Prior to COVID local WFH warriors spent hours at Martha’s, the ground-level cafe/bar hybrid that spills out into a field that serves as a massive dog park. The rooftop patio is the crown jewel of outdoor drinking options on the east side, and although you can snag a seat on a first-come first-served basis it’s still a great idea to reserve a spot if the weather is anything but drizzly and below 60. Don’t sleep on Show Bar, which is a utilitarian beer, burgers, and cocktails joint that’s a spinoff of Mississippi Street’s Bar Bar. If you’re craving some sense of normalcy and routine that feels like the good old days, you’re sure to find it amongst the assorted venues that make Revolution Hall tick. 
How to order: Order at each respective bar and keep an eye on the signs advising where you can and cannot go with a drink in hand. 

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