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Named as a tribute to her family’s Mexican roots (Rivero for her father’s side, González for her mother’s side), winemaker Maria Rivero González led RGNY in opening its first U.S. based sustainable vineyard and tasting room in 2019. However, the family’s viticultural heritage spans more than two decades in Mexico’s Parras Valley. The winery also recently began exploring fermenting and ageing their wines in clay amphora vessels, which were often utilized in ancient times.

A devotion to detail (for instance the grapes are hand sorted), is evident in the winery’s 11 offerings, with a focus on white—though there are plans to expand into more reds and potentially orange wines—ranging from riesling and sauvignon blanc to viognier and white merlot. Outdoor tables may be reserved and have distanced seating with QR enabled menus for limited contact. RGNY also offers visitors an intimate blending session experience for those who want an up close look at the art of winemaking.
Distance from NYC: 1 hour, 45 minutes

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