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Aug 16

Where to Drink in Seattle Right Now

While everyone was waiting... and waiting... to see what former Zig Zag bartender Erik Hakkinen would do with the old Lusty Lady spot he went ahead and opened an elegant addition to Belltown cocktail row. The drinks lean French, but ultimately this is a bartender’s bar, and thus includes agave spirits, rums, and Japanese whisky, along with the brandies, cognacs, and gins. Food, like the decor, is effortlessly simple but sophisticated -- tinned seafood, charcuterie, and snacks -- with a playful note, like the “Horns of Plenty:” caviar served with creme fraiche and Bugles. That said the menu is currently limited as they reopen. 
How to order: You'll need a reservation if you hope to score a seat at one of their five tables.

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