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Beef brisket used to be an afterthought at Nashville barbecue joints, rarely attempted and basically just tolerated as a change of pace from the usual porktopia. Once Bill Laviolette started importing Prime brisket and sausages from his home state of Texas and cooking them in his massive smoker, local barbecue lovers finally discovered what they had been missing. Now he’s the undisputed smoke beef king of Nashville and a welcome addition to the local barbecue scene. Order plates of meat “market-style” by the ¼ pound, and he’ll keep piling it on your plate until you cry uncle.
Cavendish says: “Shotgun Willie's is the best brisket in Nashville and second place is a distant second. There's just nobody else close. And you know, that would be good enough, but his sides are fantastic, including a 4-bean take on baked beans that I order every single time and cole slaw that pairs up well with fatty cuts of beef or pork.”

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