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Dim sum hounds would follow Chef Dongcheng Wong of Cooking Papa and Hong Kong Flower Lounge anywhere. Luckily, following opening delays caused by an indoor dining ban, Chef Wong got to debut his new quality restaurant this spring. Named after himself, Sifu Wong sits inside the Ramada Silicon Valley. Enjoy classics like shrimp-stuffed har gow in a silky dumpling skin and soft steamed rice noodle rolls filled with beef. The crispy pork belly and rich-tasting Peking duck are must-haves. Also enjoy the addition of modern, social media-friendly dishes like the Black Gold Salty Egg Yolk Bun, covered in a swipe of glittery edible paint and oozing with a melty custard.
How to order: Walk-ins only for weekend lunch; Call 408-212-4903 for reservations. Order online for pickup.

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