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When chef Richard Chan’s renowned Singaporean spot Yummy Tummy in the Queens neighborhood of Murray Hill was forced to close in 2020 due to the pandemic, the culinary community was at a loss. But, in response to the unavoidable hurdle, Chan relocated to Flushing and created a new concept focused on classic Singaporean hawker delicacies. Pulling inspiration from the markets in Singapore, signature menu items include Hainanese Chicken (slow-poached chicken served with chili and cilantro-ginger sauces); Teochew Braised Duck (braised for several hours in dark soy sauce, hua diao wine, sake, ginger served with taro rice); and Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Platter (tender minced pork belly served with jasmine rice, braised egg, and sautéed mustard greens).

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