Stanley's Wet Goods

Culver City
Wine Store

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While it’s not a restaurant per se, Stanley’s Wet Goods has a lovely indoor bar and outdoor patio that’s ideal for sipping on a full-bodied Lambrusco and noshing on cheese, charcuterie, and small plates—whether it’s a slow-cooked Mushroom Medley, Smoked Trout on toast, or Mac and Cheese elevated with minced coppa. It’s also a market that boasts a crazy-diverse booze collection with hundreds of wines (many of them natural), beers, and spirits for all your take-home needs. If you ever need guidance, the team is always ready to offer the perfect suggestions.
How to book: Walk-ins welcome. Place orders online or call 424-341-2870 for free same-day local delivery on orders over $100.

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