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Dinner at Steaks & Beer may be the best thing about visiting Tecopa, a quirky and quiet town between Pahrump and Death Valley (officially in California, but close enough that we're claiming it as a Vegas suburb). Chef Eric Scott left Las Vegas behind to operate his own tiny ultra-casual steakhouse, serving large cuts of ribeyes and filets cast-iron seared, flame-grilled, and finished with a balsamic reduction. A hearty serving of mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables come on the side. It's a perfect way to wrap up a daytrip after visiting the town's date farm, exploring the walking trails, and taking a soak in the hot springs. As the name suggests, Steaks & Beer has a few brews on standy, but make a point to pregame with a glass or two a few doors down at Death Valley Brewing, where the house recipes feature eclectic ingredients.
How to book: With just a few tables in the dining room, reservations are highly encouraged. Call 702-334-3431 to inquire about availability.

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