Stevie's Creole Cafe

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles
Jun 23, 2021

23 Essential Black-Owned Restaurants You Should Know in LA

Not only is gumbo a time-consuming endeavor, but many of those who enjoy this dish grew up eating versions prepared by their own family members and thus have a high bar when it comes to restaurant gumbo expectations. Hence why we’ve decided to avoid the contention by sharing several authentic Creole restaurants in this list, leaving it up to you to sample and grade them according to your personal preferences. And Stevie’s famous seafood gumbo (voted best gumbo on this side of New Orleans by the late Jonathan Gold) is not to be missed, with a thick seafood stock, plus a generous helping of crab, shrimp, chicken, and sausage over steamed rice with French bread. No wonder celebs like Magic Johnson, Stevie Wonder, Shaq, and Eddie Murphy make it a point to stop by Stevie’s whenever they’re in town.

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