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San Francisco
Nov 11, 2021

The Most Exciting Restaurants in San Francisco Right Now

The gist: Chef Dennis Lee and his daughters began experimenting with making pizza in their Outer Sunset home in the early days of shelter-in-place. Their sourdough, “Detroit-ish”-style pizzas quickly took off on Instagram, leading to a rabid following throughout the city. Now Lee, already a fixture in San Francisco food thanks to his beloved Namu restaurants, has made his entry in the pizza game permanent with an expansive restaurant, beer hall, and NFT gallery off Market Street, and a late-night slice shop on Divisadero in the former home of Namu Stonepot.
The food: SSP Beer & NFT Gallery features Lee’s delicious versions of square-shaped, crispy edged Detroit-style pizza, with toppings ranging from classic cheese and pepperoni to bulgogi and bonito flakes, not to mention the mind-blowingly good mapo tofu pie, plus round, “New England”-style pies. Also on offer: chicken wings, and a separate menu of Filipino fare called Uncle Tito’s (with pork sisig and lechon porchetta sandwich, among other things), and a selection of Namu Stonepot favorites, including Korean-style street dogs, bibimbap, and okonomiyaki. The slice shop focuses on pizza, available by the pie or by the slice.
The cost: Whole pizzas are $22 to $37, slices are $5.50-$6.50. Namu fare is $9-$12.75, and Uncle Tito’s is $8-$36.

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