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Superblue, the first-of-its-kind museum and immersive art experience, features only three artists at a time, and actually gives them a cut of the ticket revenue as part of the deal. Its first exhibit is “Every Wall is a Door,” a look at humanity and its effect on the environment. For this, you’ll don a coat and goggles and walk through clouds in “Massless Clouds Between Sculpture and Life,” touch perpetually-changing flowers on a wall and watch them wilt in real-time as you do, and climb a staircase made to look like lungs. Expect to enter a new state of mind on your tour—we’re all for putting your phone down and taking it all in along the trippy journey. FYI: Because it’s so popular, crowds can get big at Superblue even with timed entrances, so go during the week between 11 am and 3 pm to make the most of your time here. All staff are required to wear masks.
Cost: $36 for adults

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