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The gist: David Landrum, the owner of local distillery Two James, has branched out with this stylish space offering up Berlin-style döner kebab, tinned fish, and, naturally, cocktails (mostly gin, so if that’s your preferred spirit, you’re in luck).
The food: A well-edited menu explores the globe with dishes like Verschicken Chicken (whiskey, green beans, piri piri sauce); sticky ribs with black tea, apricot, and allspice; and the big draw, the döner kebab, with three different versions (lamb and beef, chicken, and eggplant). A section of the menu is dedicated to gin and tonic in different iterations including a cherry blossom-infused libation. For those who aren’t as into gin, there’s still some options such as a mai tai, “Mediterranean Mule,” and other inspired cocktails. There’s also a low ABV and nonalcoholic beverages including the Jallab, a fig, date, sumac grenadine, rosewater, and jasmine tea concoction.
The cost: Breads and bites start at $8, with tinned fish going for $15 for one and $28 for two. Sandwiches range from $11 to $14 and plates top out at $48.

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