Supersweet Tattoos + Coffee

Los Angeles
Coffee Shop

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This ultra-femme tattoo shop also features a coffee shop and microblading studio. It’s like entering Barbie’s dream house—if she had sleeve tattoos. Its pink interior is lined with gold velvet couches and elegant black line-art patterns on the floor. Make sure to order the Super Special—a sweet milk combination of dragon fruit and strawberry, topped with a generous dollop of cotton candy. Mix the cotton candy into the drink—on camera for TikTok of course—for swirls of pink, purple, and hints of blue. Another popular drink is the Ashtray, a black sesame latte that comes with those candy cigarettes from your childhood. There’s also a selection of baked goods if you’re feeling peckish. Tattoos are optional and start at $150.
How to order: Walk in.

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