Sushi Kaneyoshi

Los Angeles
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Stepping into this spot tucked inside the basement of a Little Tokyo office building feels like you’ve stumbled upon some wondrous secret. With a 12-seat bar arranged so everyone has a view of the chef at work, the space has a warm yet ascetic quality, like many of the old-school, high-end sushi bars in Tokyo. Chef Yoshiyuki Inoue has an all-star resume with stints at several acclaimed sushi restaurants, but for his first solo venture, he’s showcasing Edomae-style techniques—a hallmark of Sushi Ginza Onodera, where he once worked. While he prepares a limited number of exquisite nigiri boxes to go, there’s nothing quite like sitting down in this quiet, clean, and intimate space to enjoy the chef’s exquisitely prepared, well-paced omakase—which might include anything from hairy crab to monkfish liver.
How to book: Make reservations or order for pickup online.

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