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Fish & Bird Izakaya, with its modern takes on Japanese small plates like sea bean and corn tempura and various katsu burgers on Acme buns, only officially opened last year. Yet the space doesn’t rest on its laurels, and also hosts a non-traditional omakase pop-up spot twice a week called Sushi Salon. Chef Joji Nonaka uses some unusual fish, such as mejina (green fish) and kamasu (barracuda). He also utilizes a special technique to preserve each fish’s freshness, and the pop-up boasts the highest quality vinegar and soy sauce—all with a focus on environmental stewardship. Sushi Salon may find its own permanent location down the road, but thus far has been going strong since February, when it initially offered takeout omakase only. With sit-down dining now available, dinner tickets sell quickly each month, so check the site often.
How to order: Reserve tickets online.

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