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Another Little Tokyo gem, this sushi counter used to go by Sushi Hide, but changed its name to avoid confusion with a similarly named restaurant on Sawtelle. What hasn’t changed is the impeccably prepared fish by chef Hide Takeda, who formerly led the team at Sushi Tsujita. Just like Ginza Onodera and Kaneyoshi, Sushi Takeda also employs Edomae-style methods—painstakingly sourcing top-notch seafood and individually aging, curing, and marinating each piece to bring out its optimal flavor. The experience promises a handful of truly unique dishes—such as the yari-ika (a piece of spear squid that demonstrates skillful knife work) and the iwashi maki (the chef’s signature sardine roll wrapped in pickled daikon). Omakase runs from $140 to $280, but if you’re seeking something more wallet-friendly, lunch includes 12 pieces of nigiri for $110 per person.
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