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Sushi Restaurant
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Situated on a pleasant stretch of Robertson Blvd, Sushi Tama offers a diverse menu of fish prepared in every imaginable way: sushi, sashimi, temaki, donburi bowls, nigiri, and more. Helmed by chef Hideyuki Yoshimoto, who spent over a decade at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market, Tama’s focus is on freshly caught, impeccably prepared fish, accompanied by flawless rice and nori. Even better, everything on the menu is more than reasonably priced, especially considering the premium quality of the seafood. The lunch specials might be the most solid deal: A seven-piece nigiri set, accompanied by a maki cut roll and side salad, will set you back $23, while a premium tuna bowl, crowned with pickled daikon and lush, marbled pieces of oo-toro and chu-toro, is an even $28. Grab one of the patio tables to dine in full view of the Chanel store (and other upscale boutiques) right across the street.
How to book: Make reservations online.

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