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Nov 11, 2021

Where to Eat in Phoenix Right Now

The gist: The Valley certainly has its fair share of taquerias. But like tacos, there’s always room for more; we’re looking at you, Taco Boys.
The food: Much of what’s available on the Taco Boys’ compact menu has been kissed by their piping-hot charcoal grill. Expect authentic Mexican fare like tripa, cabeza, and barbacoa, to name a few, at the newest outpost of Taco Boy’s in Tempe—just like the Downtown Phoenix original. And whatever you do, don’t skip the vampiros.
The cost: Tacos are $2.69, burritos are $6.99 - $8.99, quesadillas are $2.99 - 8.99, and plates are $8.99. Homemade horchata is $2.99, bottled sodas are $2.99, and imported beer is $3.99.

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