Temple Nightclub

San Francisco
Night Club

Owner and founder of the Zen Compound, Paul set his sights on creating the Greenest nightclub in the world. Housed inside the Zen Compound lies Temple Nightclub, which is a Green nightclub and Ki Sushi, which is a sustainable sushi and Izakaya bar.

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If you’re looking for an over-the-top night out complete with a high-level Vegas-esque cheese factor, bridge-and-tunnel clientele, and bottle service, Temple is your spot. The main dance floor is huge with 50,000 floor-to-ceiling LED bulbs, a custom DJ booth, VIP booths along the edge, box suites, and mezzanine tables. Go downstairs for an underground party that’s more about the dancing and less about the “being seen” scene (though still with plenty of VIP tables).

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