The Blind Goat

Vietnamese Restaurant

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Owner: Christine Ha
America was enthralled when legally blind chef Christine Ha thrillingly won the "Masterchef" Season 3 cooking reality TV show with her contemporary Vietnamese creations. So when she announced that she would be opening her first concept, expectations were high. It’s clear now that The Blind Goat, a chef-counter in downtown’s Bravery Chef Hall, was just a stepping stone in a larger plan for world domination. Ha, who also published a cookbook, "Recipes From My Home Kitchen," has already opened a second restaurant, Xin Chao, in partnership with Houston-based chef Tony Nguyen. The Blind Goat still has the goods though. From chicken or goat curry, to dry chicken pho, to the peanut tofu vermicelli, the flavors are vibrant and the cooking is top notch. There’s also a cook take-home meal kit for her famous "Masterchef" rubbish apple pie. Pick it up for a homemade dessert along with a signed copy of her cookbook.
How to order: Open for dine-in, with curbside pickup and delivery.

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