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How to donate: Fresh produce, fruit, and pantry staples preferred. Clearly labeled homemade meals are much appreciated. Join local group Moms Feed the Bronx for an Evening Sandwich Signup. Monetary donations via Go Fund Me, or email at
What’s inside: Fresh produce, sandwiches, pantry items, prepared meals from various places like La Morada, Eleven Madison Park, local delis, and restaurants. Extra cartons of milk and lunch/snack packages from nearby schools are also available.
A note from its operators: “We’ve begun partnering with neighborhood restaurants who accept donations from patrons who wish to support us. Moss Cafe, Claudy's, and Taste & Sabor offer items on their menu specifically for the Fridge, which are then delivered on a regular basis. We would love for the concept of community fridges to become normalized. Not only do these fridges exist for folks who need a little extra help, but they work to reduce waste and build community. These community fridges are founded upon the principles of mutual aid—they are an opportunity for each of us to participate in taking care of each other in a very fundamental way. There is so much waste for the wrong reasons yet hunger remains prevalent.”

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