The Gumbo Bros.

Cajun and Creole Restaurant
Available for Delivery/Takeout

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If you’ve ever fried a turkey at home, you know that it is a delicious way to prepare your bird, but it’s also a little bit daunting to deal with all that hot oil to avoid showing up on a YouTube video of yet another Thanksgiving deck fire catastrophe. The Gumbo Bros. will happily face that danger for you and sell you a Cajun-fried turkey, flavored with their signature spice and sage brine and cooked until the skin is perfectly crispy. As an appropriate accompaniment, order a batch of their turducken gumbo, featuring a dark roux, homemade turkey stock, and roasted turkey, duck, and chicken with cajun spices. It comes chilled with white rice on the side for you to heat up on the big day.

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