The Harlem Community Fridge

New York

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How to donate: No donation is too small. Extra items picked up while doing personal grocery shopping—be it a bag of potatoes, fruit, or a can of beans, etc.—are welcome. Find something to put in the fridge that you would like to find in your own home. Monetary donations via Venmo.
What’s inside: Fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, and non-perishables (raw meat and frozen foods are not accepted)
A note from its operators:The Harlem Community Fridge was the first fridge set up in Manhattan at the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020. We support, serve, and provide food for many families (hundreds daily) in our Harlem community. It’s operated by grassroots organizers who do this work from the goodness of our hearts, as the city and state have done absolutely nothing to support our underserved Harlem residents. Families and people are really having a hard time to get food on the table and demands for more support is dire.”

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