The Honey Pot

Las Vegas
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While the Honeypot is definitely vibrating on a New Age wavelength, you (and your intended giftee) do not need to believe in the healing power of crystals to fall in love with all of the gems in this store. When you first walk inside, your field of vision is filled with large glittering geodes worth thousands of dollars, and tables and shelves filled with all manner of crystals, quartz, raw gemstones, and other kinds of stones and minerals like shiny black shungite and black rainbow-hued fluorite. Many pieces are cut into beautiful display pieces (even the palm-sized hunks of quartz would make a great display item), and then there are small bowl-shaped vessels that can hold small items like earrings. There are also soapstone animals and lapis lazuli skulls, agate dragon’s heads, quartz globes, troilite crescent moons, hefty salt lamps, driftwood pieces with glass vases hand-blown to perfectly fit on top, mosaic keepsake boxes, sterling silver and steel rings, gorgeous hand-made leather journals and purses, intricately beaded Huichol (indigenous Mexican) art pieces, and so much more, including everyday items like sage sticks and candles for the holistic healers in your life. Take your time perusing here because it’s easy to miss a lot at first glance.

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